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The hilarious Potty Mouth Reminds Men To
Put The Toilet Seat Down If Left Up

Now you can buy the hilarious Potty Mouth toilet seat reminder for only $14.95. A small price to pay for never having to feel a wet toilet rim again.

If you order 2 or more Potty Mouths we’ll give you FREE Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. Simply select how many you want & proceed to checkout.

Train the men of your house to be a real bathroom gentleman & make them laugh at the same time with the funny & effective Potty Mouth.

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Train Your Man To Keep Toilet Seat Down

    Living with men has it challenges and many couples comely fight about is to keep the toilet seat down. What many men do not understand is how unhealthy it is to sit in pee for both men and women. After the terrible splash, or cold touch of toilet rim you know you never want to experience that again.
    Now you can ensure the men of your house keep toilet seat down using the both funny and effective Potty Mouth. Using sensors he Potty Mouth detects when the toilet seat has been left up and then uses funny voice overs to remind him to put it down. Take your untamed man and train him to be a real bathroom gentleman, while making him laugh at the same time.